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Portal for fine beverages and extra drinks. We help diving deeper into a huge industry where startups still have a chance and thirsty adults find their quench: Beer. Follow our lead for consumers, breweries and distributions. Thirsty ale drinkers, fans of favorite brew brands, restaurants, bars and beverage markets can join in and benefit.
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The world of xtr beer. While malty beverages are pretty old drinks - along with wine - it is still refreshing and a conquering favorite in more and more cultures. While it can be cheap it is also a grown up drink for many occasions, especially when people meet. Okay, 5-7% alcohol is fine for parties with more than two. You can go up to 65%+, but care for the consequences!


Where to get BEvERage

Ever wanted to know the best best beer manufacturer? Of course not the biggest breweries! But there are some malt drink giants you can count on nearly everywhere, even on planes, ships and at hotels. If you like to enjoy home feelings while traveling you might pick one of the international brands.

Which brand is your favourite and why?


Sometimes beer is an event

Experience beer? Yes, the serious way. Join tastings, join running dinners with better craft beers or ales. No limits to quench your thirst the fun way. There are some inspiring stories out there so that we can expand our competences and livestyles. A more professional beer blog for the western world, staring in the UK comes from Roger Protz. The fun side of consumer experiences is covered by Big World Small Girl: Fun! Bottom line: The brewed drink affects nearly all parts of societies at many occasions during the week, sometimes even daily.

Send us your experience or an inspiring story source.


What´s special with malt drinks

Affordable drinks with the xtr is the ball in the game. Tea or coffee is fine during the day, while wine is way havier and usually pricier. The sparkling refreshing feeling when the ale is chilled controls millions of toungs day by day and even more during the weekends. For some it is even a replacement for supper.

Tips and hints get reward: Send here, please!


Heavy beery business

This industry produces revenues of roughly 500 billiion USD pa and it is growing. Great niches offer a lot to jump on this train, regional microbreweries claim their position and allow start-up success stories on four continents. Xtr gives great places to make you famous under a fair umbrella. Some beer influencer help to get into business, worth following their channels. No, we are not talking about the influencing booze "girls" but of experts knowing the pulse of this huge industry.

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